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Saturday, June 7th 2008

8:10 PM

A Day at the Farm

We went to visit Pierre Charette on his farm recently. He raises Shetland and Babydoll sheep, alpacas and angora rabbits. I was very impressed by his knowledge of everything fibre related...he's even written a book! (which is at the top of my wish list...hope DH reads this) He graciously gave us the grand tour of his farm and workshop. I tried not to drool too much over his spinning wheels or carder or felting machine or loom but when he started pulling bag after bag after bag of fibre from a row of chest freezers (was glad to see I'm not the only one who has used a chest freezer to store wool) in his workshop and asked us what kind we wanted my head was spinning! After much thought I managed to make up my mind and purchased 2 lbs of alpaca and 1 pound of Babydoll fibre which I can't wait to card and spin! Luckily it's just an hour drive to his farm so I will definitely be back for more!

Un gros merci, Pierre!!!!! J'ai absolument adorer notre visite

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